Re-Polling for the Post of Secretary

Date of Polling: 7th April, 2019 (SUNDAY) Time: 09:00 -14:00 hrs
Place : Club House, JNFOA
Candidates: (1) Mr.R.Ramadoss ; (2) Ms. K.U.Indumathi
As decided by the JNFOA General Body(GB) on 31st March,2019 at the
Extraordinary General Body meeting, the Re-polling for the post of Secretary is
proposed to be conducted on 7th April,2019.

  1. Only flat owners ( as per the eligibility list published earlier for the
    election conducted on 24th March,2019) or the Spouse of a
    member ( registered flat owner) or either of the Parent of the
    member or children (above 18 years) of the member are eligible to
    vote. Tenants are NOT eligible to vote for this re-poll.
  2. All the voters are requested to bring any identity card issued by
    the Government authorities and an authorization letter (hard
    copy) issued by the owner for persons other than the owner.
  3. If any owner has more than one flat, he or she can vote for all the
    flats provided they submit documentary proof for all the flats.
  4. Persons having Power of Attorney (PoA) for a flat are also eligible
    to vote provided they bring a photocopy or original of PoA.
  5. If there is a tie in the result, the final result will be decided by a lot
    and the decision of the EC is final.
  6. As decided at the GB, both the candidates or their representatives
    will be allowed to sit inside the polling area along with the EC.
    (D. Chandramohan)
    Election Commissioner

Date: 1st April, 2019
Place: Chennai-600095