Presidents Message

“Paropakaram Idham Sareeram.” Thus goes the wise saying. How true it is! every human being is assigned with a Mission by the creator and the fulfillment of which defines the meaning and purpose of life. In the absence of an unfulfilled Mission your life is incomplete and its as good as non living.

Help others in such a way that he cannot repay you ever speaks of the magnitude of your help. Because that man could not repay you in his life time, he will repay you in his next birth that may be appropriate and timely.

We at Jains Nakshatra Flat Owners Association, are utilizing the opportunity provided for purposeful living.


“To provide for necessary security arrangements for the complex, maintenance, repairs and replacements of machinery, equipment in the common areas, house walls, and structures, staircase ways, electric supply to common areas, water supply, swimming pool, gym and such other facilities as may be required for peaceful and convenient living of the residents in the apartments. The expense for these will be met by monthly charges / subscription / other charges approved by the general body from time to time and levied from the owners of the apartments.”

Our Services

JNFOA will offer services for promoting
a. Education
b. Literature
c. Religion
d. Charity
e. Social Reforms,
f. Arts and Crafts
g. Cottage Industry
h. Social Service
i. Cultural Activities
j. The diffusion of useful knowledge; and
k. Such other useful object with respect to which the state has powers to make laws which may be prescribed under the Section 3, may register itself under the Act.